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A One Day Studio London provides a variety of tattoo styles and designs. Consultations typically take 30 minutes, and many artists allow you to sketch your design before you decide on the actual ink. Depending on the studio, you can also opt for a large-scale consultation. You can book your consultation with a variety of artists in the area to find one that fits your needs. However, it is important to contact as many of them as you can, and then book an appointment once you’ve found one that seems right for you.

Work Well With Both Novices And Experts

The atmosphere at One Day Tattoo Studio London is friendly and relaxed, and many famous clients have taken a trip to the tattoo shop. Dan, for example, got a tattoo in memory of his late brother Nikole, and his pole dancing instructor Lucy has had a tattoo for over 20 years. A man-to-man conversation with Dan, an owner of the tattoo studio, opens up about his late brother and his mother. A man-to-man chat with Dan and Lucy also shows that tattoo artists at ONE Day Tattoo Studio London can work well with both novices and experts.

Another tattoo studio in London that provides excellent tattoos is New Wave Tattoo. This modest shop in the heart of Exmouth Market is a landmark in the area. Founded by Lal Hardy, the tattoo studio’s name is synonymous with high quality work by experienced artists. The owner himself is a tattoo artist, and the studio is famous for its Roman Catholic imagery on its walls. There are also plenty of options for retouching, and tattoo removal.

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