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Once you’ve completed your courses, you may want to Download Courses the content for future reference. You can download the entire course, or just specific modules. Then, you can import the materials back into Blackboard. The Export Course feature is available under Course Management, Packages, and Utilities. To export a course, go to the Export course button and select a file format and folder.

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You can also choose to remove individual modules from a course by tapping on its icon. The icon will appear on the course main page. In the iOS version, you can select multiple downloads and tap *** options menu. In Android, you can choose to remove a single module or a set of modules.

Downloading a course will take a few minutes, depending on its size. Once the download has finished, you will receive an email notification. If the course is corrupted, you’ll need to download it again from the source. Make sure you’ve got a stable connection to download the course.

You can also download specific course items. This capability is available to students and administrators alike. You can enable this functionality either site-wide or per course. This functionality is supported by funding provided by the Moodle Users Association. Students with the option enabled will see a download button in the course’s top right corner. When they click on this button, a pop-up window will appear containing a link to the zipped file. To enable download capabilities, you can enable this feature in the course settings page or the course teaching interface.

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