Best Business Schools in Europe

Among the best business schools in Europe are in France. A few of these are in Paris, while the rest are spread across the country.

How long can I stay in France after MBA?

The French “Grandes Ecoles” are highly selective and accredited by the French Ministry of Education. These universities are recognized worldwide and are a popular choice among MBA candidates.

One of the france best business schools is the HEC Business School. The MBA program at the HEC is ranked among the best in the world. A merit-based scholarship is available for full-time MBA students. The scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee. There are also a number of scholarship programs for executive MBAs.

Another of the best French business schools is the BSB (Bureau d’Etudes et de ContrĂ´le). BSB was founded in 1899, and is an international Grande Ecole. The school focuses on research and teaching. It encourages students to think outside the box and defy the odds. The school has a strong ties with the corporate world and gives students the chance to build a career based on an outstanding network of companies.

The BSB also has a Meet-up Inspiring Leaders event series that helps students explore other world views. The school also offers a hybrid EMBA program.

Another French business school that is ranked among the best is the EDHEC Business School. The school was founded by entrepreneurs and is known for its management studies. A merit-based scholarship is available for both full-time MBA students and executive MBAs.

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