Weed Lean and Marijuana Overdose

Weed lean and marijuana overdose is a common and serious condition. It’s important to seek medical help right away if you suspect you have taken too much of either. The effects can be life-threatening and should be treated immediately. Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room if you’re concerned.

What can you use THC syrup for?

It’s best to use a moderate amount of each drug in small doses. Using too much can cause hallucinations and heart failure. People under the influence of both Lean and weed may also have difficulty learning new things and may have trouble understanding their surroundings. The combination of these substances can cause permanent changes to the brain.

There are many ways to consume THC and cannabis in moderation. THC syrup can be used as a simple syrup, for example, or as a glaze for desserts. It can also be taken by mouth, just like cough syrup. However, a person should only take THC syrups in the recommended dose and wait at least two minutes before drinking again.

Cannabis syrup is another popular way to consume THC. This product is made of activated THC concentrate. It is usually flavored like cough syrup. It is meant to replace the effect of codeine.