Tackling the oil depletion issue is very important for the following reasons:

  1. The world is under the impression that oil shocks of the 70s are over. The calculation that oil resources would last till the year 2000 alone has been disproven.  Hence world nations should not imagine wrongly that the resources can last for few centuries more.  This will result in unwise usage of scarce oil resources.  As a result the resources would deplete faster than expected and the world would soon land in a worst halt.  This has to be avoided.  This article presents the facts related to this issue.
  2. Peace and harmony among nations is the vital factor which is the present requirement of the world nations. Already nations stand divided on sharing water resources.  With depleting oil resources, the world nations might resort to warfare once again.  Handling the depleting oil resources issue in a planned and amicable manner would help in avoiding wars.  People would continue to live in peace, harmony and happiness.
  3. Routing the scarce resource to vital operations and avoiding wastage is possible only when there is more awareness about depleting oil resources. That is why organizations across the world work hard to achieve this awareness.  Nations should reach a good understanding in sharing the scarce resources.  This will automatically enable the routing of oil resources in a defined manner.  The resources would be used only for productive purposes like manufacturing, industrial production etc.  Reckless transportation usage will be minimized.  This awareness would make the world realize that time has come to research and find alternative cheap energy resources.