The Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO) is a loose association of European independent institutes and governmental and academic bodies who liaise on questions related to global oil depletion and its effects.

ASPO precisely originated in Germany in the year 2000 and Dr. Campbell laid the foundation.  It facilitated the networking of scientists who worked in the field of research related to oil resources.  Initially, the association started its work by sending weekly newsletters to people those who were interested.  The next major step was conducting the first international workshop on oil depletion in Sweden.  The Swedish media rendered good participation in popularizing the efforts taken.  Check my source to know more on this.  From then on every year, workshops were held in major European cities to create awareness about depleting oil resources.  Journalists and celebrities eagerly participated in the shows.  Though the network is an informal one, it has established its firm voice on the depleting oil concerns.  The association initially had to face all forms of legal, commercial and political constraints.  However, the problem of depletion is not an insignificant one.  Its impact on the industries and economy of the modern world in unimaginable.  Hence in spite of all the constraints the association has grown steadily in its functioning.  Presently it is well established with an international board represented by a president, vice president and close to 7 members from various nations.

Dr. Campbell has written the following eight-part Microsoft ‘Powerpoint’ tutorial, and the text has been reviewed by a number of the ASPO membership, and by ODAC.

You may download all or part this tutorial, and, if required, further distribute to others. It is a condition of downloading all or part of this tutorial that further distribution be free of any charge (except for genuine costs incurred in the processes of reproduction or distribution). Acknowledgment of Dr. Campbell or ASPO as the original source of the tutorial is requested.

Updated: 5/April/2002

ASPO tutorial downloads

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Tutorial No 1 Powerpoint (.ppt) file (2.28 Mb, about 10 minutes to download at 56k)

this is a fully editable version of the tutorial, complete with all notes


Tutorial No1 Acrobat (.pdf) file (134 kb, about 50 seconds to download at 56k)

this has all the slides and, where appropriate, the accompanying notes


More tutorials to come…………tba